What People Say About Me

I’m bound to say I’m OK at marketing. So rather than taking my word for it, here’s some proof:


“Carl is one of those few people in marketing who, when they say, “leave it with me” you known that job’s not already as good as done but will probably be far better than you’d dared expect. He’s been excellent at promoting Flint Bishop, not only getting information, setting up interviews and extracting quotes for me but being very pro-active in coming up with excellent ideas, angles and suggestions that improve any feature Flint Bishop appears in. To put it simply, great bloke to work with.”
Kurt Jacobs, Editor, The Insider Business Magazine

“I have had the pleasure of working with Carl over the past few years and have been very impressed with his professional standards and approach. Carl has always demonstrated a high degree of integrity and openness in our communications and business arrangements.”
Colin Gordon, Regional Sales Manager, Thomson Reuters

“I have worked on several marketing projects with Carl spanning well over a decade now and have found that he has a solid understanding of all marketing techniques, mixed with a wide breadth of marketing experience across many different sectors.

He is a thoughtful, strategic and accomplished marketer who always gives honest and considered advice. His extensive knowledge means that this advice is usually correct and well worth listening to.”
Kelvin Eatherington, Legal Marketing & Business Development Manager.

Carl works tirelessly in the interests of Flint Bishop and also his own development as a marketer. Carl has always been a no-nonsense, unpretentious marketer with a shrewd eye for spotting the opportunities that return the best results for his firm (even if his workload sometimes prevents him taking advantage!).

Carl comfortably discusses offline and digital marketing strategies and does not get distracted by trends, only focusing on what a tactic can do for the business and not whether the firm should be seen to be doing something because the crowd are.

Another quality that impresses me about Carl is his determination to introduce certain marketing practices into a professional environment where traditionally winning business has been an after-thought. It takes a person with creativity, tenacity and powerful persuasion skills to do this and Carl has them all in spades.
Jason Brookes , Digital Marketing Consultant

“Carl is great to work with. His marketing knowledge and no-nonsense objectivity really helped us bottom-out our marketing strategy and define our direction.”
Mark Buxton, Director, Safety Problem Solutions Ltd

“I have worked with Carl over a number of years and have been consistently impressed by the high levels of innovative thinking and commerciality that he brings to his role. His “can do” approach and ability to think laterally have ensured that Flint Bishop’s marketing continues to outpace its peers.”                                                                                                                                                                                 Andrew Hedley, Director, Hedley Consulting

“My marketing communications agency BCS have enjoyed working with Carl at more than one organisation. He is highly professional, detailed and enjoys the creative process. I’d certainly recommended him as a genuine, down to earth guy who cares passionately about his work, the results and ensuring he always delivers beyond expectations.”
Murray Carmichael-Smith, Director, BCS PR/Creative/Digital

“I have worked with Carl for almost three years and have always found him to be extremely proactive and open to new ideas.

He is at the forefront of new developments in marketing for the legal profession, particularly in the area of social media, and is establishing Flint Bishop as one of the sector’s pioneers.”
Donna Hill, Owner, BH PR & Communications

“Carl has been the point of contact for me from the time I started with the Derby Telegraph. My colleagues and I are able to work much closer with Flint Bishop as a direct result of Carl’s ability to nurture a strong business relationship built on transparency, integrity and mutual respect.

Carl is an asset to his business and undoubtedly has put Flint Bishop central to the community by identifying exactly the right business ventures for the firm.”
Jon Cowley, Business Media Advisor, Derby Telegraph Media Group


2 thoughts on “What People Say About Me

    Dwain said:
    November 8, 2013 at 12:54 pm

    Hi Carl,

    Ive just read the blog about the delivery you recieved from my company DPD, i am really pleased that you like what we do, great to get some positive feedback

    Dwain McDonald

      westoncd1 responded:
      November 10, 2013 at 10:47 am

      The comment was my please, Dwain. The service I received was genuinely great.In fact, I’ve turned into an ‘advocate’ of DPD and tell my story to whoever wants to listen. I even told it to an audience of marketeers at recent event.

      All the best


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