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If you’re interested in Google Ad Words this infographic might help you.

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I like Ad Words. I’m told done well it can make you lots of money.

From a marketers point of view, it gives you useful information on how well, or not, your advertising is performing. And you can make instant changes to improve your advertising so it performs better. I consider it the evolution, but not the replacement, of direct marketing.

But I also think Google does an appalling job of explaining how it works – unless it’s just me that struggles to understand their advice pages.

But a colleague of mine, Zoe Arcatinis, emailed me the below infograhic that I think does a good job of explaining all the confusing terms Google use.

I hope you find it useful.

How Ad Words work Infographic
How Ad Words work Infographic

It’s from a company called Wordstream.

Zoe also tells me that ‘Google AdWords For Dummies’ by Howie Jacobson explains Ad Words really well too.

You can read more about Howie and his books here