Here’s the most expensive Google product ever made. And a great piece of DM (with photos)

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What do you think this new Google product might be? A new app? Maybe a swanky titanium Nexus 10? Or how about a pair of gold Google glasses?


It is a woolly hat. And it was worth every penny of my budget.

Let me explain.

I am a Google Adwords user. I ran a fairly large campaign over the course of a few months. It created a healthy rate of £60 per enquiry. Which given the competitiveness of the market – and value the service – was OK.

Anyway, in today’s post the below package turned up. It created a fair amount of excitement in the office…..

Google Box
This understated box created excitement from the moment we received it

I opened the package to reveal this…

Google Hat in a Box
My sort of free hat from those nice folks at Google

A nice message on the swing tag

Google swing tag on hat
Everyone likes being thanked. Even if you have paid for the privilege many times over.


Google hat on my head
And here it is in action!

You might be thinking, as my wife does, that I look like someone from a Police line-up.

You also might be thinking this hat is a bit naff. And you might be right. But that’s a matter of opinion.

But what this demonstrates is a great piece of posted direct marketing by the kings of digital advertising.

Because me and my team were genuinely excited when the package arrived. We couldn’t wait to open it to see what was inside.

And when we did – we all thought this free hat was cool. And that’s not a funny play on words for a hat designed to keep you warm.

We also liked the little swing tag with the simple thank you message from the Google Adwords team.

The whole direct marketing piece made us feel a bit special. A bit flattered. So like all good marketing, this is more emotional than practical. After all, the money I spent on Adwords could probably have paid for 15,000 of these hats.

Personally I think it could have benefited from a personal letter to me – maybe with an Adwords offer: particularly as my campaign has been paused for about three months.

Nonetheless, I think this is a great piece of ‘old school’ direct marketing from the undisputed kings of modern day advertising.


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