Insulting customer service and an embarrassing missed opportunity

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Do you watch movies?

I do – and lots of them too. I find movies a good way to give my brain a few hours rest from the reality of life. Sad, I know.

To feed my habit I subscribed to Love Film by post, which is a pretty good service. For just £14.99 a month you get to have three movies out at any time – and as soon as you post them back, you get three more sent to you. I watched 9 films in one week before!

But sadly, and like so many businesses, their good service disappears when you try to cancel.

That’s because you can’t cancel if you have their movies in your possession. But every time I sent them back, they posted me more! And that’s despite me twice confirming my cancellation by telephone.

So I did exactly what you would do. Out of share frustration I cancelled my direct debit payment in the vain hope that would stop them.

But no. Those efficient people at Love Film just kept on posting.

Then I got an email. It confirmed I’d not paid and my subscription was cancelled. But it also confirmed I had three of their movies. They were correct, I did.

At this point, here’s what a smart business would do.

They would ask me some questions that might help them in the future. Maybe:

  • “Why am I leaving?” or;
  • “What did I value about their service?”, maybe even;
  • “Did I find their service convenient?”.

They could have used this opportunity to try to change my mind. An offer or incentive mayAn offer be?

Sadly not. In fact this is what they said:

  • Please note should the discs still be outstanding after that point we will have no option but to pass your details onto our debt collecting agency (CreditLink Accounts Recovery Solutions) for the recovery process.

In case you’re wondering if you read that correctly, you did. They actually threatened me with a debt collection service if I didn’t send my movies back!

That is not just insulting to me – it is shameful on them.

So I sent their movies’ back.

And will never use their service again.


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