Put this much thought into your customer service, and you won’t go far wrong

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In my experience customer service is the most ignored aspect of the marketing mix.

Businesses seem to spend so much time and money promoting their brands they forget to consider how it is actually delivered – and the experience the customer gets.

This mistake can kill a brand stone dead.

Have you ever bought anything and suffered the misery of having it delivered? If your experience has been anything like mine, you’ll know the service is usually lousy.

You have to waste the best part of a whole day waiting around for your items, as usually the best delivery estimate is somewhere between “9am – 6pm”

But not so at delivery service DPD – who’s service and use of technology I just had the pleasure of experiencing.

Here’s the story:

Late on Saturday night my wife bought some overpriced boots from UGG Australia via their website. We had actually spent the day visiting their stores in London but none had her size.

Anyway, after we paid online we were told the items would be with us within 5 working days.

Then Monday we got a text message from DPD, the distribution firm UGG use. It said the items would be with us on 22nd which was just 3 working days. Not a bad start.

The text message also gave these three helpful options:

1, I could text back the number 1, which meant deliver next door, as I’m out that day.
2, I could text back the number 2 for a Thursday delivery, or the number 3 for a Friday delivery.
3, Or visit their website (link provided) to rearrange

All helpful stuff.

But here’s where it got brilliant.

Because on the delivery day, I got another text message. It told me the delivery driver’s name was Lee and he would be with me between 11.53 and 12.53.

And it had a link to a real-time map that showed the locations of Lee and my house. It also showed how many more deliveries Lee had before getting to my house. At the time I looked, Lee was just delivering order 26. Mine was number 62.

It looked a bit like Google maps.

Wow – I could actually watch my delivery making its way to my house by Lee the delivery man.

And as promised, the overpriced boots arrived on time and on the correct day. And Lee was a friendly bloke too.

I take my hat off to DPD. The service it fantastic. Which also helps UGG too, as it reflects on their overall brand image.


2 thoughts on “Put this much thought into your customer service, and you won’t go far wrong

    Richard Beevers said:
    October 25, 2013 at 7:18 am

    Music to my ears Carl! May we publish your piece as a guest blog on our website? Richard

      westoncd1 responded:
      October 25, 2013 at 7:42 am

      Thank you for your comment, Richard. And feel free to use it on your blog.

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