A great example of how not to convert a hot lead into a sale

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Last week I was doing some research for an online training tool I’m developing. I contacted a company that have a very similar product to the one I want – in fact I’m pretty much stealing their idea.

They were very courteous and generous with their information and gave me the contact details of the company that built their tool.

As most folk do these days, the first thing I did was visit their website for more background information. And the website was pretty good as it happens. In fact within about 3 clicks I got the name and number of their Marketing Manager, and on top of that, it also had a big photo of her smiley face too. Next to her face were the words “If you would like to talk to me for a free and no obligation quote please give me a call.

And this is where it all went wrong!

As when I telephoned the Marketing Manager two things happened:

1. Firstly she said to me that nobody at her firm was called the name I’d asked for. After about 30 seconds of confusion I realised something. She was being incredibly sarcastic as I’d pronounced her surname slightly wrong. In my defence she has an unusual surname.

2. To add insult to injury the second thing she did was truly amazing. As she demanded, in a very aggressive tone, that I explain “What on earth I wanted from her as she was busy and where I’d got her details from”. I responded, politely, that I was inquiring to see if she was interested in building me a training tool for my £20k budget. And I quickly followed that up with “But I am no longer interested in talking with you”. I then put the phone down.

If you are in the business of selling things, and most businesses are in one way or another, I suggest you get polite and helpful people to answer your telephone. Not rude ones that lose you sales – and in this case that sale was £20k.

Also, don’t employ people that are so full of their own importance that a conversation with them almost makes you vomit.

Unfortunately such people are common in marketing roles.

Rant over.


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