I love advertising but……….

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I love advertising. TV,  press, outdoor, online viral etc. I guess its becuase I work in marketing (to be precise, legal marketing). I don’t have a particular favourite marketing comms mix element as I’ve seen fantastic (and sometimes crap)  creative work across all channels. But no matter how creatively brilliant, dull or just downright  irritating I have found an advertisement I have never felt moved enough to take pen to paper, or fingers to keys, to complain to anybody about it. Although it would appear there are  people who do just that as the Advertising Standards authority (ASA) have recently published the top 10 most complained about UK advertisements of 2010 – and public enemy No1 is Ireland’s biggest and most successful bookmaker Paddy Power.

I’m not sure if the Halifax ‘ISA Baby’ TV advertisement fits the date criteria for the recent ASA list but if it did, surely it deserves the No1 spot for just being utter shit. Crap concept, dreadful acting and very, very irritating.


One thought on “I love advertising but……….

    […] was discussing the topic of my first ever blog post with a marketing colleague of mine this morning – the fact I think the Halifax ISA Baby TV […]

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